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Welcome to The Reiki eXchange!!

Reiki is a threshold to a higher part of your own existence. With this connection you can allow the flow of very high vibrations of energy through your physical body. This energy works to harmonize, or bring into balance the total you, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

WISDOM  is the Knowing that we are all one
LOVE is what it feels like
COMPASSION is what it acts like

Welcome to The Reiki eXchange. Geoff and I want you to enjoy your journey through our thoughts and missions, offered here with the highest of intentions. We offer treatments so you can experience the energy and we teach you for your self empowerment. We offer to hold the space and light the path for your journey. We would like to be of assistance to everyone and anyone that has been called. We know that when an explorer is ready – a guide will appear. So you are at once the teacher and the student. Thank you for appearing.

Namaste and Reiki Blessings,
Geoff and Donna

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